Schedule an Annual Irrigation System Check

Have you been digging in your garden beds in the last year?  Chances are you may have accidentally cut into your drip irrigation lines. Or do you have irrigation repairs that you have been meaning to address but don’t have time to get to? If it has been years since a trained professional has looked over your system, don’t worry – Just Call Water Wise! Leave the hassle of maintenance and repair to the professionals. Call Water Wise Landscaping (510) 985-0148 to schedule an irrigation system check.

Water Wise for your irrigation and garden maintenance service

Many homeowners in Oakland run irrigation systems to water their gardens throughout the long dry season.  Every irrigation system, whether drip or sprinklers, should be tested for functionality no less than once per year.  Failure to check your system for damage can lead to wasted money on water bills, or worse – possible plant death due to improper watering.

Now is an excellent time to do yearly maintenance and a system audit. The program running your irrigation controller should be thoughtfully adjusted for your gardens changing needs as plants age and grow. During the Water Wise Landscaping annual check,  we will replace the back-up battery on your controller, so that your gardens won’t be out of luck in the event of power outage. Plus, you can rest assured that we only use name brand irrigation supplies like Rain Bird, Hunter, and Toro – never cheaper quality imitation brands.


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