Fertilize for Spring Growth

Daffodils provide early spring blooms.

As the month of March passes, so does the chance of frost in the San Francisco Bay area.  Temperatures slowly creep up while rain continues. Check the weather forecast for night-time temperatures staying above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Above this temperature, abundant, vigorous growth is soon to appear.  Many plants begin to show signs of spring growth, or they begin to flower, which proceeds their growth cycle.  The time to fertilize is as new, green shoots begin to grow.

Roses, Citrus, Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Hydrangea can all receive complete fertilizers for acid loving plants. Check requirements for other shrubs and potted plants or call the trained specialists at Water Wise Landscaping at (510) 985-0148 for on-site maintenance.  Iron deficiency in citrus trees is common in the East Bay. Now is a good time to treat yellowing from iron deficiency by applying an iron chelate as directed on the label. Cool season lawns will also benefit from an application of high-nitrogen fertilizer.

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