A Sprinkler Head Revolution: MP Rotator

You might not think of innovation in sprinkler heads as exciting, but you probably haven’t heard about the Hunter Industries MP Rotator sprinkler head.  http://www.hunterindustries.com/product/nozzles/mp-rotator

The new technology in the pop-up sprinkler head allows it to dispense water at a significantly reduced rate compared to other common sprinkler heads, while still projecting the water distances of 8′ to 30′ and offering adjustable arc and radius.  This allows the soils that are being irrigated to absorb the water with significantly less wasted run-off. Applying water slowly is especially important for lawns, clay soils, and hillside gardens like those found at many East Bay homes. Upgrading to this sprinkler nozzle is a great way to increase the efficiency of your irrigation system while reducing water use.

Water Wise for your irrigation design, installation and repair

The best part of Hunter Industries MP Rotator head is that they can be ordered compatible for either Rain Bird brand sprinkler bodies or Toro brand sprinkler bodies, so installation is quick. Call Water Wise Landscaping at (510) 985-0148 for a professional irrigation system evaluation.



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