Replace Your Lawn

Areas of lawn require enormous amounts of water and nitrogen fertilizer when compared with any other ornamental planting.  Lawns as a feature of a garden originated in the United Kingdom, where frequent rain and overcast skies allow the lawns to thrive without additional irrigation. Here in the East Bay, lawns require regular irrigation throughout the long dry season.  That irrigation is costing you, the homeowner, money.  As a homeowner, you may have already consider alternatives to a lawn that will save you money on water bills as well as provide aesthetic qualities more suited to our California climate.

Water Wise Landscaping can help you achieve the lawn make-over of your dreams.  Whether you are interested in installing a native clump grass “lawn,” or sheet mulching then planting drought tolerant options, Water Wise Landscaping has the expertise and experience to streamline your renovation. We provide services in design, sheet mulching, planting, and irrigation retrofit that will get the project quickly started and finished on time and on budget.

Contact Water Wise Landscaping at (510) 985-0148 to discuss specific plans to turn your garden into a Water Wise garden.

If you love your lawn and just want to repair some dead spots or adjust your irrigation, Water Wise can help with that! Did you know that the even distribution of water from your lawn sprinklers is crucial for a lush, green lawn? Or that mowing your lawn just an inch or two higher will allow it to thrive with less water and rebound from heavy use better? Remember that lawns need regular de-thatching, fertilizing, aeration, re-seeding and proper mowing to stay beautiful. Water Wise can help revive your worn down lawn with proper care and repair services.

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