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Patio Garden Renovations

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Water Wise Landscaping can transform your patio with a custom garden design and installation. At this home in Alameda, a sunny but overgrown patio became a welcoming space for the family to gather and tend to the fruits and vegetables.  Call (510) … Continue reading

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Planters and potted plants are great additions to outdoor seating areas, decks, and balconies. Planters create garden spaces within seating areas, whether ceramic, wooden, terra cotta, stone, plastic or other material. A colorful and varied planting will provide an elegant … Continue reading

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Lose your Lawn.

Lose your lawn for a mulched garden with a mixed planting of beautiful low-water plants. When drip irrigation is installed in a plant-to-plant manner, significant water savings can be achieved compared to a lawn watered by lawn sprinklers. Water Wise … Continue reading

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January Photos

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Re-imagine your Garden!

Water Wise Landscaping specializes in the installation new gardens and the renovation of older garden spaces. Re-imagine your garden with low-water, low maintenance, colorful, California flora installed and maintained by Water Wise. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on … Continue reading

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Spring Wildflower Season Pictures

Spring is wildflower season in the Bay Area! Did you know that the San Francisco Bay’s climate only as three true seasons? They are: wildflower season, summer, and the rainy season.  The wildflower season starts as early as mid-February as … Continue reading

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Small Tree Removal

 Trees are an important part of any garden, but there are times when tree removal is imperative.  Especially for diseased or hazardous trees, removal is sometimes the best, most economical solution. Water Wise Landscaping can remove small trees and the … Continue reading

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Recirculating Fountains

Recirculating fountains are a fantastic addition to any garden. Fountains are a water wise solution to urban noise and unique garden focal points. Water Wise Landscaping can quickly install a custom built or pre-fabricated fountain. Homeowners with limited outdoor space: you … Continue reading

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Raking leaves is part of Integrated Pest Management

December is here and so are the seasonal rains. One quirk about the Bay Area climate is that many decidous trees will hold onto their green leaves until the first heavy rain of the season.  That means that while other … Continue reading

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Trees and tree stakes

There are times when trees require staking but all staking should be temporary. Unfortunately, more often than not, tree stakes are left in place too long and damage the tree! Stakes are needed at planting time in areas of strong wind … Continue reading

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Replace Your Lawn

Areas of lawn require enormous amounts of water and nitrogen fertilizer when compared with any other ornamental planting.  Lawns as a feature of a garden originated in the United Kingdom, where frequent rain and overcast skies allow the lawns to … Continue reading

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Native and Drought Tolerant Gardens

Water wise gardens use native and drought tolerant plants like Flowering Currant and Cleveland Sage instead of water thirsty plants.  There is an abundance of plants to design water-friendly gardens including many from the Mediterranean region like Lavender or Strawberry … Continue reading

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Aesthetic Prune Rhododendrons, Camellias

For two weeks a year, Rhododendrons really put on a flowering show. Rhododendrons in gardens in the East Bay are just finishing their main bloom for the year.  The dry winter with late rains have pushed their flower cycle into … Continue reading

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A Sprinkler Head Revolution: MP Rotator

You might not think of innovation in sprinkler heads as exciting, but you probably haven’t heard about the Hunter Industries MP Rotator sprinkler head. The new technology in the pop-up sprinkler head allows it to dispense water at a … Continue reading

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The Importance of Hiring Licensed Contractors

California law is clear. Any landscaping or construction work with a value of $500 or more for labor and materials MUST be performed by a licensed contractor.  Why is it important to hire only state licensed contractors? When a business … Continue reading

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Fertilize for Spring Growth

As the month of March passes, so does the chance of frost in the San Francisco Bay area.  Temperatures slowly creep up while rain continues. Check the weather forecast for night-time temperatures staying above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Above this temperature, … Continue reading

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Schedule an Annual Irrigation System Check

Have you been digging in your garden beds in the last year?  Chances are you may have accidentally cut into your drip irrigation lines. Or do you have irrigation repairs that you have been meaning to address but don’t have … Continue reading

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Bare-root roses, fruit trees, and more

Now is the time to purchase bare-root plants at the local nursery. Roses, deciduous fruit trees, nut trees, cane berries, grapes, clematis, wisteria, and forsythia can all be found bare-root for purchase now. Bare-root means that the plants come with … Continue reading

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The San Francisco Bay area only has a few nights with frost a year.  But these infrequent cold temperatures pose a threat to some of the sub-tropical plants that we like to grow- like Citrus, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus and Tibouchina. What … Continue reading

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January is Rose Pruning Time!

January is rose pruning time in the San Fransisco Bay area.  Whether the weather is rainy or sunny, be sure to call Water Wise to have your roses pruned for structure, disease control, and optimum future growth by our experienced … Continue reading

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