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Lose your Lawn.

Lose your lawn for a mulched garden with a mixed planting of beautiful low-water plants. When drip irrigation is installed in a plant-to-plant manner, significant water savings can be achieved compared to a lawn watered by lawn sprinklers. Water Wise … Continue reading

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Replace Your Lawn

Areas of lawn require enormous amounts of water and nitrogen fertilizer when compared with any other ornamental planting.  Lawns as a feature of a garden originated in the United Kingdom, where frequent rain and overcast skies allow the lawns to … Continue reading

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A Sprinkler Head Revolution: MP Rotator

You might not think of innovation in sprinkler heads as exciting, but you probably haven’t heard about the Hunter Industries MP Rotator sprinkler head. The new technology in the pop-up sprinkler head allows it to dispense water at a … Continue reading

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Fertilize for Spring Growth

As the month of March passes, so does the chance of frost in the San Francisco Bay area.  Temperatures slowly creep up while rain continues. Check the weather forecast for night-time temperatures staying above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Above this temperature, … Continue reading

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